Claridge Attributes Firm’s Top 10 Ranking to Strategic Approach

PC Public Affairs earned a top 10 ranking among Albany-area communications firms from the Albany Business Review — the Capital District’s leading business publication.

“This marks the fifth year in a row that PC Public Affairs has been ranked in the top 20 and we have to again thank our clients and strategic partners for our success,” said Andre Claridge, Managing Partner of PC Public Affairs.  “I believe it’s because we view public relations a bit differently than most firms.  Anyone can draft a press release, but there is so much more to communicating with target audiences, we are a strategic positioning firm that draws from every communications medium available to position our clients to be successful in whatever communications effort they are pursuing.”

“You have to be able to communicate the same message to people across multiple demographics and sometimes you even want them to communicate the message for you to be successful,” said Claridge.  “It’s amazing the results you can generate as long as you are strategic, have a plan, your message is consistent, and your communications campaign is integrated.”

“We are in a very competitive results-oriented industry, one which requires us to offer services and solutions our competitors do not provide,” Claridge continued. “The fact that PC Public Affairs continues to grow and stay among the top 20 firms in the region says a great deal about our people, our approach and the results we get for our clients.”

PC Public Affairs is a diversified strategic positioning firm with expertise in public relations, brand-boosting, government relations, issue advocacy and corporate consulting. PC Public Affairs has a diverse list of current and past clients ranging from Forbes Global 2000 companies to start-ups, industry associations and unions to established small businesses and issue-driven consortiums.

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