Corporate and Economic Development

Start-up Company

Take an unknown, underfunded, and unorganized start-up with nothing more than a newly discovered technology and establish it as a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance passive and reactive armor solutions for the US military and law enforcement agencies in one of the most inhospitable economic climates in the nation – New York State.

The Work

Worked with company principals to develop and implement a layered public affairs development strategy focused on securing public funding, private investment and company sales.  Elements of the strategy included, but were not limited to message development, public relations, government relations, lobbying, law enforcement market research and development.  We took Armor Dynamics, Inc. from a fledgling start-up with no employees to a company with over 10 employees, nearly 14 patents, a number of market ready products and helped secure initial military sales.

Measurable Results

(2006-2010) Governor Pataki committed over $1.2 million in state economic development support, New York State Senator Larkin secured a $1 million earmark for corporate headquarters construction, the City of Kingston committed $800,000 in low interest, non-recourse financing for site development, we negotiated a 99 year land lease with the municipal development agency saving the company millions of dollars, secured $2 million in private investment, Congressman Hinchey, a member of the powerful Sub-Committee on Defense Appropriations, secured a $1.6 million earmark/DOD contract, established a police pilot program to develop future sales, and established relationships with municipal and state law enforcement agencies all across the US.  Summary: secured over $6 million in public and private funding.