Public Transit

Video Production and Creative


To show the value of a private company providing public transit services in a way that is interesting to the average citizen and informative to public officials.  Do it in the context of the overall community by showing the positive effect the company has on the lives of those who rely on public transit.


Video is the most effective way to tell a story in today’s internet-driven, socially-networked society.  Working with the client, our creative team developed the concept for and produced a promotional-documentary that told the story of the company from the perspective of its customers and employees.  We produced a promotional-documentary with a series of shorter topic-focused vignettes.


The promotional documentary is the foundation of the company’s message and brand.  The video helps the company make an emotional connection with the local community and the public officials who are ultimately judging the ability of the company to provide public transit in a safe, efficient and caring way.

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