Al Roney Senior Associate Partner

Reporter, News Anchor and Radio Talk Show Host…Al Roney’s career in radio began before he was even out of school when he became a manager for a company that delivered traffic reports to over a dozen radio stations and all three TV stations in New York’s Capital Region. From there it was News Anchor and Reporter at WGY, one of the Country’s largest and oldest radio stations, where he was presented with Associated Press and Edward R. Murrow News Awards.

Al took his journalistic chops and became the leading local talk show host on two of the Capital Region’s leading talk radio stations tackling local, state and national issues. Al’s in depth and objective approach caught listeners attention and consistently sent him to the top of the ratings for his timeslot. Al prided himself on shedding light on issues that impacted the lives of ordinary people.

Al used his regional radio popularity to help raise tens-of-thousands of dollars for local charities, including the Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center.

The glue that binds of all Al’s experiences together and the thing that makes him special to the public relations business is his ability to communicate and reach people from a wide-range of backgrounds. Al’s ability to talk to anyone and everyone, combined with his skill in identifying problems and potential pitfalls, is essential in crafting messages that people not only understand, but get behind, support, and, in many cases, even rally behind.

From flipping burgers at a fast food joint to the US Army, from working with psychiatric patients to professional radio personality, Al has a wealth of unique experiences, talents, and skills to pull off the toughest public affairs tasks and — most importantly — get results.

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