Christopher Lyon Associate Partner

Chris is a highly regarded and nationally recognized expert in communications, research, policy and strategy.  The New York Times has described him as sought-after, reviled and according to foes and allies alike, good at what he does.

Most recently, Lyon served as chief of staff at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 2 office from 2017 until 2019.  Chris spent most of his career prior to the EPA working on national, state and local campaigns and advising corporate clients on how to navigate the media, governments and bureaucracies.

A veteran of two of Rudy Giuliani’s mayoral campaigns in New York City, where he served as research and political director, Lyon provided the information and developed the grassroots plan essential to Giuliani’s first path-breaking victory.

Years before anyone thought of using the Internet for issue-specific news content, Lyon created a website specializing on political news and information about politics in New York.  The website regularly beat major daily newspapers in reporting on big breaking stories.  Almost immediately the website became the talk of the political press, politicians, their staffers and the lobbyist community.

Chris has posted major political victories in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Virginia based on his strategy, research and message development.  From gubernatorial races to mayoral contests, from congress to state house elections Lyon consistently shows why some in the media have called him a highly skilled and devastatingly effective researcher.

Lyon served as research director for MGM’s successful statewide initiative in Maryland to expanding gaming.  The opposition spent a whopping $45 million in a furious eight-week campaign to defeat the proposal.

Lyon is regularly called on to provide communications plans, policy, research and strategic advice to national, state and local candidates, political committees and corporations.  He has appeared on CNBC, America’s Talk Channel, several radio talk-shows and has been published in several newspapers.

Chris is a graduate of Boston College, where he was a member of the College of Arts & Sciences Honors Program and won a Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr. Fellowship.  He also attended Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

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